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Sailing Adventures



We at Blueseas have been organizing and managing sailing charter adventures since 2003. We do it because we love sailing, the sea and getting ourselves to interesting locations. All our sailing trips are always run by a qualified offshore skipper.

Sailing in the Cyclades Islands

Our emphasis is always on maintaining a safe, happy vessel, sharing our enthusiasm for the sea and most of all having fun!

Our typical crew ranges from the totally non-experienced (Never set foot on a boat before types.) to highly experienced racing and passage making sailors, (Never stop tweaking stuff types) and a whole range of scurvy dogs in between, of all ages, makes and walks of life.

It is a great way to meet new people and make new friends, while learning new skills and enjoying the adventure of exploring  exciting new locations.


Our success in building close crew bonds has led to many of these former strangers becoming close friends and sailing with each other again on our trips.

We encourage our crews to become as involved in planning our trip and creating our schedule as they wish.
This type of shared charter is great if you do not want the burden of chartering a vessel on your own. All the responsibility for vessel hand over's, paperwork etc, is handed over to our skipper. It is also a lot easier on your pocket than even chartering a much smaller vessel yourself for the same period of time.